Milos Stankovic – welcome

Milos Stankovic was borned in Belgrade (Serbia) in 1984, and today lives in Belgrade (Zemun). After finishing Electrical Engineering School in Belgrade (Zemun) and graduation with an excellent success, Milos got bachelor degree at Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, department Computer Science, and continued studying at University of Novi Sad, Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”, department production management, where he graduated (title of the work: innovative entrepreneurship). Thereafter, he completed Master studies at the Faculty of applied ecology in Belgrade, department of environmental protection (title of the master work: air pollution and car industry).

He works on scientific research work – innovations, environmental and energy projects the most. He has about 30 inventions, rewarded on many national and international exhibitions.

At the International Conference 2013th in the Republic of China he was awarded the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMIC AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, for devoting his life to invention and remarkable contribution to the improvement of human benefits and the advancement of world civilization.

Europe Academy of natural science elected him as a FULL MEMBER of the Academy awarded himCERTIFICATE in Hannover 2014. He was awarded the highest awards of the European Academy of Sciences:“EUROPEAN ORDER OF HONOR”, Laureate and Order “HONORARY INVENTOR OF EUROPE”.

International innovation club awarded him an GOLD ORDER for creativity for high contribution into international development of science and technology.

At the basis of his whole science – innovation creativity, effort, work, recognitions, awards and achievements, 2012th the Russian International Academy of authors of scientific discoveries and inventions elected him as a FULL MEMBER of the Academy. Russian International Academy awarded him with their highest award HONORARY TITLE ‘KNIGHT OF SCIENCE’, he received the DIPLOMA and the ORDER ‘KNIGHT OF SCIENCE’.

General of Russian army awarded him with ‘Medal of Honor, courage and bravery’.


At the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the Association of Inventors of Yugoslavia, October 12th 2002, awarded him with a GOLD MEDAL ‘TESLA – PUPIN’, for extraordinary results in the motivation, expansion and affirmation of inventing, for the use of innovations and for a special contribution to the expansion and advancement of the Association of Inventors of Yugoslavia. At that time, he was declared the INVENTOR OF THE YEAR 2002.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia granted him with the first new passport of the Republic of Serbia in the project ‘a new Serbian passport, the new face of Serbia’.

He is a member of International innovation club “Archimedes” from Moscow, the Serbian Royal Academy of scientists and artists SKANU, union “Milutin Milankovic” and Association of inventors of Serbia, that published books “Who is who in Innovations in Serbia” (1st and 2nd edition) where my biography has been written (pages 126. and 94.), in 2006th and 2007th.

During the last few years, many experts (national and international scientists, professors, academicians, engineers, researchers etc…) gave him very affirmative reviews, and analyses of his researches. It is becoming more and more obvious that his inventions can be used for production of numerous practical devices, thus creating a range of new products which could help an improvement of overall economical situation, and better the situation of society.

Because of his great success, he gave interviews for many newspapers, radio and TV stations.